flirting_0128.jpgYou’re single. You flirt. You’re dating. You flirt. You’re engaged. You still flirt. Then you’re married. Do you flirt?

Contrary to widespread belief, only two very specific types of people flirt: those who are single and those who are married. Single people flirt because, well, they’re single and therefore nobody is really contractually obliged to talk to them, sleep with them or scratch that difficult-to-reach part of the back. But married people, they’re a tougher puzzle. They’ve found themselves a suitable–maybe even superior–mate, had a bit of productive fun with the old gametes and ensured that at least some of their genes are carried into the next generation. They’ve done their duty, evolutionarily speaking. Their genome will survive. Yay them. So for Pete’s sake, why do they persist with the game?

Why indeed? Because it’s fun? Because it gets you a better table in your favorite restaurant? Because you’re just not sure what else to do? Read Time’s article, Why We Flirt, and let me know why YOU are still flirting…