Wedding dress? I’ll take two.

Some are looking to save money when planning a wedding and buying a gown, others are looking to splurge. The latest trend is buying two dresses, and this makes gown retailers very glad.

Some women want to wear a gorgeous, fairy-tale dress to the ceremony, and then change into something slinkier to dance in at the reception. Some want to wear their grandmother’s dress, but also choose a dress of their own. Some want to wear Western white and then appear in traditional Chinese red or Mid-East dress.

If you’ve got the money and love the spotlight, the choices can be endless.  And for some, even two is not enough… Jane Chew was born and raised in the United States, and started out in a white Vera Wang dress. She later changed into a red dragon-print silk, as a nod to her Chinese hertitage.  After cutting the cake, she appeared in yet another dress, a strapless red gown with matching shawl.

We may be grown women, but that little girl who loves to play dress-up is still alive and well inside us!