Wedding disasters: What to do when something goes wrong

This blogger for Manolo claims the one thing she’s found to be true, in her many years of “fascination with weddings and marriage,” is that something always goes wrong

It may be the ringbearer bolting from the church. Or perhaps the bakery delivered the wrong cake. Maybe the bride locked her shoes in her dressing room. Whatever it is, here are some ways to deal with wedding disasters, so that you can minimize the damage and keep things pleasant for everyone involved.

One way to keep things running smoothly is to BE FLEXIBLE. A story to illustrate the opposite of being flexible:

…I once attended a wedding where the bride managed to leave her throwing bouquet in the church dressing room and the door was locked when she went to get it for the reception. She held up the reception for an hour over the bouquet rather than either throw something else or just get the party started and quietly send someone to get the key. In this case, inflexibility created a much bigger problem than actually existed.

Can you imagine someone doing this to their guests?! You wouldn’t think any rational person would act like this, but perhaps when you have a vision of exactly the way you want your Big Day to be, and something happens to upset that vision, some people can turn obstinate and refuse to see reason. Don’t let that happen to you!

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