Robot, will you marry us?

I cannot believe this article is for real. Some guy designed a robot who is going to be the master of ceremonies at his own wedding:  “A robot will be master of ceremonies for a South Korean wedding this weekend in what its creators Friday claimed as a world first.”  Ok, so he gets to be the first. He gets to be different. I just don’t see the appeal.  I  can’t imagine anyone wanting a robot as their MC. Don’t they want some meaning in their ceremony? A little bit of emotion? Are they going to program the robot to break down in the middle, maybe wipe some tears away or blow it’s nose? What about having your rabbi or minister or favorite uncle marrying you?

Oh wait, maybe it will all be OK in the end:  “In case a robot MC at a wedding might seem unromantic, Kim said that Tiro – whose value he put at 200 million won ($215,053) – would speak in a sweet female voice. ” Well now, that makes it all OK, doesn’t it?

I think its asking for trouble. Can’t you see something malfunctioning, and the robot running amok among the guests, chanting “You may now kiss the bride. You may now kiss the bride. You may now kiss the bride…” Now that would really be fun.