Dumbest Wedding Dress

If I was giving out prizes for Dumbest Wedding Dress, I think it would go to these two dresses, which claim to be eco-friendly, “full-fledged hippie kind of tree-hugging” wedding dresses. If you ask me, they are just uuuugllllyyyy.

First of all, who wants bright, full-color, Bed, Bath, and Beyond-style prints on their wedding dress?  The Japanese style blossoms on the second dress make it slightly more tolerable than the first one (and I have to admit I love the bow in the back of the dress), but why make it a pair of anorexic, lover trees holding hands in front of some muddy mountains? I just don’t get it. Neither one of these dresses is very appealing, much less beautiful or elegant.

By the way, if you want an eco-friendly dress that does NOT feature trees on it, you can find some simpler, prettier dresses at ThreadHead Creations.  By eco-friendly I assume they mean that these dresses are made out of natural fibers like silk and hemp. Some of these dresses are really beautiful and NOT dumb-looking at all 🙂