Do-it-yourself Bridal Bouquet

If you are looking to save money, or just enjoy this type of creative activity, you can make yourself a beautiful bridal bouquet that expresses your personal style. The Seattle Times has a fabulous article on making your bouquet with some great tips and ideas. They have divided bouquet styles into “romantic”, “elegant”, and “casual.”

A “romantic” bouquet would feature something classic, like white or pale pink roses mixed with freesia blossoms and tied with long, pretty ribbons.

An “elegant” bouquet features long, sleek flowers such as blue iris or calla lilies, with a ribbon wrapped around the stems.

A “casual” bouquet is made up of bright, friendly flowers such as sunflowers or zinnias. You can wrap these with a complimentary colored ribbon or get really fun with stipes or other patterns.

Visit the Seattle Times to view pictures and get more detailed instructions.