Alteration Tips for your Wedding Gown says that you should “give as much importance to your wedding dress alterationsas you gave to its buying.” It is rare to find a dress that fits perfectly without alterations, but with professional help your wedding dress will look as if it was tailor-made for you!

Here are some tips that I thought sounded practical:

  • Buy your wedding gown well in advance, in case it needs time consuming alterations in multiple layers of slips and petticoats.
  • Bridal dress shops will probably charge more for your alteration, but it may be worth the additional cost. You won’t need to worry an inexperienced seamstress spoiling your bridal gown.
  • If it is not at the bridal shop, choose a skilled person with good references to do your alteration. 
  •  If you need a few dresses altered (mother’s, bride’s maid, etc) ask for a separate quote for each job. Ask for a written estimate of the cost to alter the dress.
  • Wedding dress alterations are usually based on three fittings. Give your seamstress a clear deadline for each fitting.
  • At the first trial fitting, you will have your measurements taken. Be sure to wear proper undergarments and the kind of shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day.  Be very clear about the kind of alterations you want.
  • At the second fitting, your gown will be basted, so if you want to change your choice of undergarments or shoes, now is your chance.
  • At the final fitting, your wedding dress should be ready. If you suggest some more changes you will probably need to pay rework charges, and set another date for the final fitting.

One the note of undergarments, notes that proper undergarments can make the difference between looking alright in a wedding gown, or looking spectacular. She says most women don’t wear the right sized bra, and “that can make one’s figure look droopy.” And droopy is poopy! So make sure you get something that fits properly and does your gown justice!