Eat your Way to Gorgeous, Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails!

Getting gorgeous for your wedding means more than just what makeup you wear or how you do your  hair. The foundation of  beauty is good health, and that requires as much attention to what you put IN your body, as what you put ON it! Here are some important nutritional guidelines from Martha Stewart Wedding on how to achieve that inner glow, signalling true beauty! Antioxidants Glowing Skin! Antioxidants keep your skin healthy by blocking out cell-damaging free radicals from pollution and UV … [Read more...]

Branch: A wedding registry for Sustainable Living

Planet Pink n Green called my attention to an amazing site called Branch, that specializes in sustainable living and has a wedding registry! Branch believes that products should be made in the most environmentally-responsible way possible, and that the best way to promote this practice is to do it in the marketplace. Just as the willingness of a once-small number of consumers to seek out (and occasionally pay a premium for) organic produce is now changing the face of food production and … [Read more...]

We’re Engaged! Now what?!

Congratulations on your engagement! You're basking in the happy anticipation of your new life together and looking forward to your wedding day. You're envisioning yourself clad in white (or cream? or lilac?) holding a lovely bouquet of-- roses? calla lilies? wild flowers? -- as your mom and bridesmaids (sister? cousin? best friend from college?) beam at you in their matching bridesmaids dresses (pink? brown? long? short?). And then it dawns on you: Planning a wedding involves lots and lots of … [Read more...]